The Royster Hearth Group Team

OUR MISSION is simple – Serve Our Neighbors, Not Ourselves. 

HEARTH /härTH/ noun 1: HOME, especially when seen as a place of comfort and love.

HOME is more than a place with a roof over your head. It is a place of comfort, love, warmth, rest and security – “HEARTH”. We want to help you reach that place.  

We work hard to serve you in every aspect of the home-selling and -buying process. We're committed to:

• Keeping our clients’ best interest at heart
• Working with our clients openly and collaboratively
• Guiding our clients through the home selling process every step of the way to reach the highest chance of success
• Providing our clients with factual information and advice based on years of experience and marketing expertise

Are you ready to come home to the crackle of your own hearth-fire? Let us help you get there!

Tim Royster
Team Lead & Realtor
License: 0225182810
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Gary Wu
License: 0225232115
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Rebekah Neuhaus
License: 0225217316
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