Decluttering Seminar with Caroline Dockery of “Categorically Caroline”

By Marie Greenway

Happy New Year! Thinking about right sizing in 2024 and want to get your home ready to go on the market? Whether you need to pack for a move and get your current home ready to sell or simply want to enjoy your current home and space more, January is the perfect time to think about decluttering your house.  

The Royster Hearth Group teamed up with professional organizer Caroline Dockery of “Categorically Caroline” earlier in December in Fairfax, Virginia to present some tips to getting your stuff under control. Here are 5 tips she shared to successfully declutter and organize your space:

Schedule time

It’s easy to continually put off the dreaded tasks of decluttering and organizing. Either you’re too tired or you’ve lost motivation or you’ve run out of time in your day. To combat this, Caroline suggests blocking time in your calendar for this specific task. Scheduling time in your calendar will give it the importance of an appointment, making you more likely to address the issue.

Prepare your mindset

Be sure to start your decluttering and organizing session by identifying your goals for the space. Refer back to these goals each time you are in danger of losing your motivation.

Start small

Don’t set out to tackle your entire house at once! Even if an entire room seems overwhelming you can still make great progress by starting with one piece of furniture, one shelf, or one drawer.

Have accountability

Tell a close friend or family member what you are doing. Bring a friend over to help with a specific decluttering or organizing task. Hire a professional like Caroline to help!

Develop a plan and ORGANIZE

Make a realistic plan and gather all of your materials before you begin. Identify places where you can drop off donations and get those donations our of your house immediately. Keep track of what containers you might need for organizing. Put like things back together in a space that makes sense for them.

Use these 5 tips to get your home in order and ready to sell!

Next Steps to Sell Your Home

The start of the New Year and Caroline’s excellent tips have given you the motivation to start decluttering and organizing as you prepare to move and right size later in the year. The next step is contacting a real estate agent with thorough knowledge of the Northern VA housing market. The Royster Hearth Group has extensive experience guiding buyers and sellers in Fairfax and surrounding areas and can successfully guide you through the entire buying and selling process. Our knowledgeable team will provide you with a great strategy for getting the best price for your home.

One of the ways to prepare your home for the market is by strategically completing home improvement projects. Following Caroline’s presentation at our decluttering seminar, our team shared some stats about the Return on Investment (ROI) for various home improvement projects. Here are the best improvements for most ROI:

  • Kitchen refresh: 377%
  • Refinish hardwood floors: 348%
  • Basic Listing Prep (painting/minor fixes/electrical/lighting) 297%
  • Roof replacement: 288%

(2022 Home Market Report - Curbio)

Look to these projects to improve the value of your home. Still not sure where to start? Contact our team today! The Royster Hearth Group can help you both find your next “right-sized” home and get your current home ready for a successful sale.

Ready to declutter, organize, and right size in 2024? Call us today

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