The Crucial Ingredient to Increase Your Home's Sale Price!

In a market with high interest rates, staging continues to be effective in drawing buyers to homes. Team member, Rebekah and I recently had a townhouse-condo in Vienna professional staged. This property was on the market for just five days, receiving multiple offers and successfully securing a contract at full price within that time frame.

Creating Harmony in Awkward Spaces

One of the challenges we faced was a rather awkward corner in the townhome. Susan's ingenious approach was to add a touch of nature, using a strategically placed tree. This simple addition softened the space and removed any sense of awkwardness. It's a subtle reminder that staging is about creating a vision of how a space can be lived in, not just how it's currently structured.

Balancing Light and Space in the Kitchen

The kitchen was a smaller space with a potential to feel dark. Susan's solution? She opted for a neutral palette, complemented by chairs that added a touch of edginess. The introduction of white chairs made the space brighter.  

Round Tables for Spatial Flow

A fascinating point of discussion emerged during our tour - the choice between round and rectangular tables. In this instance, Susan chose a round table which enhanced the flow in the room, making the space feel more expansive. This shows how thoughtful furniture selection can influence the perception of a room.

A Tranquil Primary Bedroom Retreat

Susan's design philosophy shines through in the primary bedroom, opting for a neutral palette that exudes tranquility. It's a canvas that allows personal touches to shine, catering to the diverse and well-traveled residents of the DC metropolitan area. Susan observes that many residents in this area bring elements from their diverse backgrounds into their homes. This cultural tapestry creates an appealing narrative for potential buyers, as they can envision themselves in a space that feels well-traveled and globally inspired.


Staging has turned this vacant townhome into a vision of warmth, style, and functionality. If you're looking to sell your house quickly and at an optimal price, look no further. Reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to assist you!

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